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Welcome to www.personaltrainer.com.au, home of expert personal trainer Meredith Williams! My Fitness Programs are suited to the individual clients goals, needs, history, time, and equipment available. Programs are regularly updated and I will personally monitor your fitness program throughout its duration. One of the most popular programs is the six week, day by day, week by week, exercise and diet plan designed specially to help you get into shape fast. Whether you need to turn your life around, or just require a little more motivation in exercise, I am here for YOU!

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Juice mornings, Workouts, Group Exercise outings - even the occasional Bush Trek! Find out about all the events coming up!.

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Success Story

I’ve been training with Meredith for about 5 months, and my fitness and strength have increased dramatically. Meredith is the BEST trainer, coach, and mentor. Her training methods are very effective, incorporating proper posture and alignment work, strength training, and cardiovascular conditioning. The workouts are always different, fun and challenging. Meredith is so friendly and makes you feel so comfortable with your self and your limits ... and before you know it, with total ease you ARE doing things that you didn’t believe you could do. By confidence is SKY HIGH!!!

Brandon Perry