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Tai-Chi Workshops


I will be conducting some amazing workshops with a special guest teacher Master Zhu ... in the discipline of tai-chi! These exercises are sure to keep you warm through the coming winter months!!

Master Zhu is one of the Four "Diamonds" of TaiJi and is known for his hands-on and down-to-earth approach in teaching, which cuts through the complexity that surrounds TaiJi. His demonstrations are described as "smooth flowing" and "softness," giving people watching the routines a beautiful and relaxed feeling. He is a must-see for any TaiJi enthusiast!

This workshop is suitable for Tai Chi enthusiasts of all styles and experience levels who want to learn from one of the great tai chi masters of our time. The workshop will focus on movements from XinJia YiLu, which will include the beginning movements of the 18 Step “Essence” Form. TaiJi enthusiasts of many styles will find this form familiar as YiLu is the foundation form of most other styles.

Location: Jing Ying Institute, 1195 Bridgemore Rd, North Sydney
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