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Client Testimonials

“In three months of working with Meredith, I lost 21 pounds and four inches off my waist, while cutting my body fat percentage from 39% to 23%. I attribute that success to two things:

  1. Meredith has expertise in exercise and nutrition. That is hugely important, because I needed help in both areas in order to turn myself around.
  2. Meredith's diets and exercise regimes are manageable. The problem I always had in the past was that I would be too extreme in my diets and workouts, and couldn't stick with them. With Meredith, I could work out 2-3 times per week for 30-45 minutes, and see real results. This also helped me to believe that what I was doing was going to work; I didn't have to guess or try to apply some generic formula from a book. My program was designed for me.”

Adam Dixon
Botany Bay, Sydney

“I began working out with Meredith after a terrible back injury. Months and months of physicaltherapy had done nothing to relieve my pain or strengthen my core. I had been a good amateur triathlete for years, and when I started with Meredith I could get out of bed on some days. Meredith was very aware of my injury and careful with our exercises. But she made sure I got a good,balanced workout each session. I have been able to improve my strengthand flexibility and loose weight by working out with Meredith. Now I am back to racing and I feel great. I credit Meredith with helping me solve a3 year injury that no other medical professional was able to do. Thankyou, Meredith!”

Allanah King
Helensburgh, NSW

"Meredith is thebest personal trainer ever! I have hired many fitness trainers over thepast thirty years, including some of the highest priced personal trainers in the city. Most of them reminded me of used car salesmen - they were only concerned about their wallets. Meredith really cares about me and my workouts. She is constantly changing my routine to keep it interesting. Working out used to be a chore. Now, I never get bored. I actually look forward to every session. And my progress has been great. I no longer dread getting old, because I know I won't be falling apart the way many people do. Meredith is a true professional, and I would recommend her to anyone."

Daniel Goeldner
Wollongong, NSW

“When I first started working with Meredith, I could hardly do a pushup, and could only do about 20 bodyweight squats before my legs got all wobbly. Now I can do twenty good pushups, and recently won a free session by doing 300 bodyweight squats in less than ten minutes. When Meredith ties my progress to her pocketbook, I know she cares about my results and has total confidence in her methods.

I see a lot of other people working out with personal trainers, and they keep doing the same boring exercises over and over again. That never happens with Merdith. Even after two years, I am constantly amazed by how she keeps coming up with new things that I've never seen anyone else do. Try a few sessions with Meredith and you'll see for yourself. I could hire any personal trainer I want. I'm sticking with Meredith.”

Elaine McCloud
Warriewood, NSW